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Established May 17th 1902.
All naturally pickled with no extra preservatives added, we take the importance of flavor and aroma seriously.

To have you savour the best flavours of vegetables in its prime season, we don't use any chemical seasoning, artificial colours, artificial flavouring, acerbities or thickeners. We take pride in pickling our vegetables using only Kelp and Bonito as the principle stock with soya sauce, brewed vinegar, "mirin" (Japanese sweet rice wine for cooking) salt, sugar and miso. The balance of all these natural ingredients creates a harmony of satisfying flavours.

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Management principles
To deliver deliciousness is to deliver happiness…

[To be fortunate enough to eat delicious food] To one person, may mean happiness.
To be blessed with nature, to be blessed with health, to be happy, to have something/someone you love be close to you, to be able to appreciate all of these things, is what completes good taste. We, at Daiyasu believe that to deliver good taste is to deliver happiness. We appreciate every opportunity and take pride in continuing to deliver good taste and happiness to our customers.

Pickles prevent disease?
Japanese pickles are rich in fibre which are essential ingredients in prevention of diabetes and heart disease.
It works as a stimulant for the secretion of digestive fluid which causes the intestines to be more active. If the intestines are more active, it works as a digestive cleaner and helps prevent constipation and other serious diseases like intestine cancer.
Insulin is also prompted which quickens your metabolism and prevents diabetes.
Japanese pickles are also rich in Sodium which works to prevent high blood pressure.
To be pickled in salt, the fluids in the vegetables are mostly drained leaving only the finest tastes and are high in nutrients.

Daiyasu Headquarters Craftsman Workshop (Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City) on June 1st, 2007 has officially been approved by the Food health and safety institution of Kyoto City.
<Certification number 00010>
We are happy to continue to serve delicious Japanese pickles to our customers under the newly commissioned certification.
It was established in October of 2006 as a domestic medical and sanitary affairs management law to prevent the distribution of unsanitary products to consumers in Kyoto City.

Japanese Pickles shop





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45 Okazaki Minamigosho-cho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto 606-8334

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DAIYASU Gion Branch

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